Terry Fox Humanitarian Award

The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award is highly competitive.  The most suitable candidates are those who demonstrate the ideals of Terry Fox – true humanitarians, individuals who are compassionate and altruistic in their intention to improve the lives of others and human welfare overall. Terry Fox Scholars are ‘doers’ with the ability to inspire and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

In making their selection, the Award Program seriously considers the extent to which candidates have experienced and overcome what others might consider an insurmountable obstacle, yet are determined and dedicated to helping others. While Terry’s obstacle was a physical one, they consider any circumstance that requires a demonstration of courage and fortitude. Indeed, a myriad of obstacles exist. Tenacity in the face of adversity is of the utmost importance to them.

Their Selection Committee will look for marks of distinction with regard to the persistent pursuit of excellence in academic, athletic, and civic life; and especially in humanitarianism. The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award is interested in students who demonstrate compassion and a keen commitment to easing the suffering of others, especially those who address critical needs in society – in an unpaid capacity.

Our online application system, and further eligibility criteria, can be found on their website, www.terryfoxawards.ca.

Eligibility Criteria

Terry Fox Humanitarian Awards are open to students of all abilities.

To be considered for the Award, applicants must meet be:

  • In good academic standing.
  • Canadian citizens or landed immigrants.
  • Students graduating from secondary (high) school or students completing their first year of CÉGEP or students who have completed secondary (high) school
  • Involved in voluntary humanitarian activities-exceptional amount of hours giving back to community, school and beyond(for which they have not been compensated).
  • Planning to or are already studying towards their first university degree or diploma at a Canadian post-secondary institution, or entering their 2nd year of CÉGEP in the upcoming academic year.


The maximum value of the award is $28,000, dispersed over four (4) years. A stipend of $7,000 is issued directly to the institution each year in two installments of $3,500, one in September and one in January. For students who do not pay tuition fees, the award is $3,500 per year, issued directly to the institution in two installments of $1,750 each.

Recipients of the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award may not receive more than $15,000 in total scholarships annually (including the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award). If a student’s awards exceed this amount, any excess will be deducted from the student’s Terry Fox Award.

If a student’s academic expenses are covered by another source, they may choose to decline acceptance of the financial portion of the award. They will still be granted the distinction of being a Terry Fox Scholar.

Deadline is February 1st 2017.

Find instructions for applying here:



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