Volunteers Needed for BC Rowing Event!

Get Involved with the 2017 National Rowing Championships!

If you would like to volunteer at this event, there is a link on the bottom of the Rowing BC website that will take you to the digital sign up sheet on Signup Genius:  http://rowingbc.ca/get-involved-with-the-2017-national-rowing-championships-and-canada-cup/

You can choose any shift (between 2.5 – 3 hours each) on any day. If you choose two shifts in one day, you will receive branded RCA gifts and lunch. Beverages and snacks are available for all volunteers.
The best positions for students who may not have any rowing knowledge are:
  • parking lot attendant
  • concession
  • control commission (boat check in)
  • timing
  • finish horn/flag
  • results recorded/spotter
  • stakeboat holders (in this role, the volunteers get to be at the start line of every race so it’s pretty fun!)

About Adrienne McChesney

Adrienne McChesney is a teacher and writer currently living Vancouver, BC, with her husband and two children.
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