Dogwood Awards – $1250

Dogwood scholarships of $1250 are offered by the provincial government to graduating students at Alpha who have demonstrated achievement in one of the following areas:

    • Indigenous Languages and Culture, demonstrated at school or in the community
    • Fine Arts (including Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, and Music)
    • Applied Skills (including Business Ed, Technology Ed, and Home Economics)
    • Physical Activity (including Athletics, Dance, and Gymnastics)
    • International Languages
    • Community Service (Volunteer Activity), which includes demonstration of local and global issues and cultural awareness
    • Technical and Trades Training (including Carpentry, Automotive, Robotics, Mechanics, and Cook Training)

If you think you might qualify, please see Ms. McChesney in room 325 before June 1st!  There is a very simple and easy form they will need to fill out to qualify for the award.​


About Adrienne McChesney

Adrienne McChesney is a teacher and writer currently living Vancouver, BC, with her husband and two children.
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